Visa-free entrance gives foreign citizens the right to visit the above mentioned territories for up to 5 days.

You can enter Belarus from the Polish side at the border crossing checkpoints in Lesnaya-Rudavka, Bruzgi-Kuznica and from the Lithuanian side at the border crossing checkpoints Privalka-Raigardas or Privalka-Svendubre.

It is forbidden to cross the border by train without a visa!

To visit Avgustovskij kanal, Grodno and nearby territories you need to have an official certificate issued by a Belarusian tourism agency after booking a minimum of 2 tourist services, such as accommodation, meals, guided tours etc.



Under Presidential Decree N318 from 23rd August 2016 on establishment of visa-free entrance and exit of foreign citizens it is now allowed to visit a tourism zone "Avgustovskij kanal" and nearby territories such as:

- Grodno;

- Goza rural area;

- Koptevka rural area;

- Odelsk rural area;

- Podlabenye rural area;

- Sopotskin rural area

The map of the territories open for visa-free visits

23.08.2016, # 318

"About establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreigners."

How to obtain a certificate for a visa-free entrance:

1. Contact tourism agency KarMel-tour that has a right to issue such certificates.

2. Send us ( the information about all the visitors: Surname, First name, Middle name (or a patronimic), sex, citizenship, date of birth and a passport number. To avoid mistakes we would recommend sending us a scan of your passport, however this is not a requirement!

3. Send us a request for booking tourist services (accommodation, meals, guided tours etc.

4. Pay for the ordered services.

5. Print the certificate for the visa-free entrance and the confirmation of your booking that we will send to you via email.

Documents you will need to provide upon reaching a border crossing::

1. A valid passport or another document that allows travel.

2. Medical insurance which is valid for the duration of your visit.

3. Visa-free entrance certificate issued by a Belarusian tourism agency.

4. A migration card (issued at the border crossing point).

5. A minimum amount of 20 euros per person per day.

More information about visa-free visits of Grodno and the tourism zone "Avgustovskij kanal" can be found on the page "Visa-free Grodno visits. Questions and answers".

Grodno attractions

Avgustovskij kanal

Grodno tours

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Dekret Prezydenta Republiki Bialorus nr318 z dnia 23 sierpnia 2016 roku "W sprawie ustanowienia wizowego zamówienia wejscia i wyjazdu cudzoziemców"

Rozporzadzenie "W porzadku wizyty cudzoziemców specjalny turystyczny - Park rekreacyjny" Kanal Augustowski "i okolic"

Ustawa Republiki Bialorus z dnia 4 stycznia 2010 Nr 105-3 "O statusie prawnym cudzoziemców i bezpanstwowców na terytorium Republiki Bialorus"

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