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From October 26, 2016, foreign tourists can visit the Grodno region - or rather, the tourist and entertainment park "Augustow Canal" without a visa. The relevant norm specified in the Decree. of the President of Belarus. From 2018. This rule was extended and established in the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from December 26, 2017.
The list of countries whose citizens can use visa-free travel is reflected in the Decree. 

The state border of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland can be crossed at the checkpoints: Lesnaya (Rudavka), Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya), with the Republic of Lithuania at the checkpoints: Privalka (Svendubre), Privalka (Raigardas).

And also through the railway station and the airport of Grodno.

From November 10, 2019 without a visa on the territory of the city of Grodno and the Grodno region can be up to 15 days, you can visit the following territories without a visa - see the map

Exceptions are the border zone and the border strip, for which a special pass is required, they are marked with the appropriate signs

For those who plan to stay more than 5 days - you must remember about the mandatory registration in the migration service.

To enter the Republic of Belarus,  foreign citizensneed to have:
- Valid document for traveling abroad (passport)
- Medical insurance for the period of stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
- A document of the established type that is issued to a foreign citizen by our tourist company
- The migration card is drawn up at the border.
- Currency (not less than 20 EUR per person for the day of stay)
the lowest price!  Registration of documents for visa-free entry 8 euros - for individual tourists.

Payment methods:

  •  Cash in the office of our company upon arrival (address and phone numbers here),
  •  By bank transfer to the bank account of the enterprise
  •  By bank card VISA, MasterCard, American Express, BELKART through ASSIST system read more

Documents for visa-free entry are prepared up to 24 hours after your request


REGULATION "About the procedure of foreign citizens visiting special tourist and recreational park “Awgustowski canal” and adjoined territories"

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